“Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, but no Simpler”

– Albert Einstein

Cube Offshore is a project management and engineering consultancy practice that believes in the practical application of technology.

We believe a successful design is dependent on a well-constructed and considered concept: those that can be manufactured, installed and operated with the highest degree of simplicity, whilst fully complying with the client brief and code requirements.

Typically, every project at Cube is unique; with projects ranging from the challenging to the simple. As creative engineers, we always seek to make the complex, simple, and the simple, efficient.

Our team represents decades of experience in the offshore and subsea industries. With industry-leading design and analysis capabilities, coupled with extensive experience of fabrication, transport, installation and operations, we collaborate with our clients to ensure successful engineering solutions.

We aim to manage interfaces and deliver and engage in long-term relationships.

Culture & Values

Client-Focus & Collaboration

Before we begin any project, we engage our clients to best understand their requirements and the stakeholders involved. Through these initial discussions, we are able to focus and prioritise workflows to deliver the most optimal outcomes.

We strive to get things right the first time by working closely and openly with our clients.


Cube Offshore’s team have decades of experience across an array of engineering disciplines. Our personnel have worked in engineering design and analysis, onshore fabrication, offshore construction, and down-hole well intervention.

We have worked with major offshore consultants, installation contractors and operators. As such, we bring a breadth of holistic industry experience to deliver considered, functional, and successful results.

Safe & Practical

We place great importance on the significant role health and safety plays within our industry. We are committed to providing safety for our staff and our clients throughout the entire life cycle of our engagement. We achieve the safest designs and installation methods through tested design principles and experienced project supervision, that are verified and certified to all industry codes. We achieve this by applying our deep understanding of fabrication, transport, installation, intervention and operations to all our engineering outcomes.


At Cube Offshore, we offer a range of engineering solutions specific to your project’s needs. Across all our work, we approach every challenge with sound engineering practices to deliver successful results.

We don’t believe one solution fits all, and are therefore not afraid to break the mould of traditional design engineering to develop something new.

How We Deliver


We operate ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management Systems.

Quality shouldn’t just be a buzz word; we believe it should be ingrained in the culture of every practice. We place great focus on attention to detail in design, manufacture, and logistics.

Project peer reviews and risk assessments are an integral part of our project process. Whether the project is designed in Perth, fabricated in Singapore, or installed in Russia, our equipment needs to fit the first time, every time.


Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) drivers are an unquestionable priority at Cube Offshore – as the health and safety of our people always comes first.

We operate strict HSE Management Systems when visiting and working in third party facilities. If these facilities have their own HSE systems in place, we can integrate with those existing systems. Our designs and procedures ensure installation and life-cycle operations can be carried out as safely as possible.


We believe the world is a better place when we’re all working together for each other. Whether in the workplace, or out in the world, we spend our time participating in community events, team sports, and academic and industry associations.

We take great pride in donating to charitable causes, and endeavour to be a responsible corporate citizen.


How do you put a price on value when every hour billed doesn’t equate to an equal amount of value received? What is the value of a well thought out concept? To achieve real value, the key is to an engage an engineering practice with a high level of skill, knowledge, and practical experience, who has a proven history in solving challenging engineering problems and delivering successful engineering solutions.

By choosing Cube Offshore, we ensure you will receive the best outcome for your project.


Andrew Mahaffy

Founding Director

Andrew Mahaffy grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland, during the boom years (1970’s to 1980’s) of the North Sea oil and gas industry.

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Andrew Mahaffy

Founding Director

Andrew Mahaffy grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland, during the boom years (1970’s to 1980’s) of the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Graduating from Edinburgh University (UK) in 1991 with a BEng (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering, Andrew returned to Aberdeen to start work in the industry he had grown up alongside. In 1995, Andrew became a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Structural Engineers, and in 2000, he moved to Perth, Western Australia, and subsequently became a proud Australian citizen.

Andrew’s career spans offshore and subsea engineering design and analysis, site engineering of onshore fabrication, offshore construction, and project management, and has project experience covering locations in the North Sea, Norway, Australian North-West, East Timor/Australian JPDA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Russia and Singapore.

Prior to founding Cube Offshore in 2008, he worked in senior roles with a number of major international offshore engineering consultancies, installation contractors, and operators.

Andrew enjoys the challenge of developing and implementing engineering solutions with a keen focus on minimising cost and simplifying operations.

Our History

An international engineering & project management company based in Australia, Cube Offshore was founded in May 2008 by Andrew Mahaffy.

In 2012, Cube Offshore won the ‘New Enterprise’ category at the 2012 Australia Subsea Business Awards for demonstrating leadership, innovation and strategic vision across the oil and gas sectors.

In 2016, Cube were finalists in the WA Engineering Excellence Awards for the design of the SeaTrucks J34 Retro-fit Accommodation Block and the Berkut Platform Modular Gangway Access Platform (Sakhalin, Russia)

In 2017, Cube Offshore won the “Technology and Innovation” category at the annual Subsea Energy Australia Awards for the development of the Non-welded modular seafastening grillage for AHT vessels (Job no. 128)

Judges Comment: “Cube demonstrated multiple areas of innovation through a smart initiative, workforce safety, sustainable, broad industry benefit and possible cross industry growth”.


Cube Offshore operates within a ISO9001 accredited Quality Management System, and a Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System.