December 2023

Cube team up with Regal Engineering to deliver structural assessment and Lift Certification (CCLE) services for a refurbished Expro burnerboom.

November 2023

Cooper extend their commitment to Cube with a service agreement for Engineering Support Services to the BMG decommissioning project.

October 2023

Santos award structural integrity assessment scope for the Gibson and Simpson A & B wellhead platforms in support of Plug & Abandon (P&A) activities.

September 2023

Cooper award concept, design, fabrication, load testing & certification scope to Cube for the Temporary Guide Base (TGB) seabed recovery equipment delivery.  Equipment to be used across 5 wells in the BMG decom. campaign.

August 2023

Cube teams up with Atteris to deliver the ENI Blacktip PLET recovery study

July 2023

Cube teams up with Atteris to deliver the installation analysis & rigging design for the ENI Blacktip Fender Replacement Project

July 2023

Cube teams up with Atteris to deliver the WEL Calypso Pre-FEED structural scope including, OPP jacket & topsides, Riser Base Module (RBM) and 2no. PLET structures (deepwater & shallow water)

June 2023

Concept and design of IBC transport baskets for VOGA in accordance with both DNV 2.7-1 and 2.7-3 requirements

May 2023

Cube Offshore develop concept then carry out detailed design of the VOGA WNB Drain Access Platform for under the cellar deck.  Design allowed for ease of handling & installation c/w lift certification for components.  Inplace design in accordance with ISO 19901/2, including operating, storm and accidental load combinations and aligned with the WNB Basis of Recertification.

May 2023

Cube engaged to design, manufacture, test and deliver 4no. 25t ROV Tether Hooks to connect the Cooper Energy Basker Manta Gummy (BMG) gravity base tether structures to the subsea stack-up for decommissioning activities.

April 2023

Cooper Energy award Cube independent verification services for subsea tool development on the BMG Decommissioning Project

April 2023

Cube awarded 3rd party verification scope for the Santos Bayu-Undan decommissioning project.