March 2014

Cube Offshore awarded the design of the Ensco 5006 subsea tree guidance system for INPEX Ichthys drilling campaign.  3D laser scan of moonpool area to be carried out to facilitate design modelling in an

December 2013

Cube Offshore awarded design of several major installation support structures by Sea Trucks Group (STG).  Structures included support / interface grillage with the Sea Trucks Group (STG) Jascon 25 deck for the 1000t temporary accommodation modules; all modular access & egress walkways & stair towers around the 4 story temp. accommodation modules and a 2-part gangway landing platform to be suspended from the Exxon Arkutung-Dagi platform offshore Sakhalin Island.

November 2013

Cube Offshore carry out lift planning for the removal of 2 x temporary accommodation modules on WNA by Vermillion (VOGA).  Scope included dynamic analysis of accommodation modules, rigging design, lift plan and lift certification.

October 2013

Cube Offshore awarded engineering and construction scope by Maersk Drilling to repair & strengthen the burnerboom hull supports and miscellaneous additional rig modifications on board the Nanhai6 drilling rig.

September 2013

Cube Offshore awarded the design of misc. subsea installation aids by FugroTSM


August 2013

Cube Offshore awarded technical governance role for the INPEX Ichthys GEP end termination support arrangement.

May 2013

Cube Offshore awarded a range of engineering scopes of work by Technip to support the Balnaves offshore construction campaign.

April 2013

Cube Offshore awarded the contract for the management of the Ensco 5006 major upgrade scope (USD$120m engineering & construction) to be carried out in Keppel Fels Singapore shipyard on behalf of INPEX.

March 2013

Cube Offshore awarded the seafastening, lift frame & spreader beam design for 2 x new Kikeh FPSO modules by Sea Trucks Group.

February 2013

Cube Offshore provide economical and efficient seafastening expertise to Apache for the revised seafastening of the VICP modules for sea transport to Australia from Singapore.

January 2013

Cube Offshore provide structural engineering support to Woodside for remedial analysis of NR2 topsides tertiary HVAC supports.

December 2012

Cube Offshore win PLET / ILT / Buckle Initiator subsea structural engineering management roll on behalf of McDermott for the Ichthys project.