Ichthys E5006 MODU Upgrade Support


All shipyard costs, upgrades and modifications required by INPEX to fulfil the operational requirement on Ichthys, plus the rig operating day rate while in shipyard were compensated by INPEX. INPEX contracted the ‘MODU’ ENSCO E5006 to drill 20 development wells on the Ichthys development. Prior to the rig arriving on location, it undertook a 5 month equipment and facility upgrade in Singapore at the Keppel FELS shipyard under the management and control of ENSCO.

This significant expenditure required competent oversight, monitoring and review of the overall E5006 Upgrade process by INPEX. The Drilling Project Superintendent to fulfill this requirement reported to the WC&I Drilling Manager.

This assignment started with planning in Perth then relocated to the site in Singapore. Additional support was required towards the end of the project.


Cube provided the Drilling Project Superintendent to fulfill this requirement. In addition, Cube provided two additional personnel to close-out the project during the hectic late stages.

The total hours expended was 2648.