Varanus Island Compression Project (VICP) – Lifting and Upending Design Checks and Rigging.

The Scope

Apache’s Varanus Island Compression Project (VICP) was required to ensure ongoing domestic gas supply from offshore fields with decreasing pressure via the existing facilities on Varanus Island.

Apache requested Cube check the smaller structures for lifting and upending and design the lift and upending rigging to facilitate installation on final site, Varanus Island. These smaller modules comprised three (3) pancakes, two stair towers and a pipe bridge.

All the modules are transported from landing quay to final location by self-propelled mobile trailers (SPMT).  The three pancake modules are installed between the two large modules by lifting. The stair towers are upended then installed by lifting.

The Outcome

For the stair tower upending, Cube developed the procedures and sequence story boards for use on site. This required reanalysis of the stair tower designs for upending loads and checking clearances. Cube re-estimated item weights and centres of gravity, checked existing padeye designs, designed spreader beams, optimised and designed rigging.

The existing steel designs required several modifications to meet code and ensure safe efficient lifting.

Cube Offshore - Solving complex engineering challenges
Cube Offshore - Solving complex engineering challenges