Maersk Deliverer – Casing Setback Platform



As part of the INPEX Ichthys phase 2 drilling campaign, the Casing Setback Area needed to be raised by 1.5m.  Design loading was 436t, no offshore hotwork allowed,  the platform was to be easily removable and overhead lift access on the rig was restricted.


  • Interface with INPEX and Maersk Drilling stakeholders to resolve BoD & concept
  • Concept development & detailed design for operating & installation load cases
  • Manufacture & testing of 3no. casing Setback “pods”
  • Design, manufacture & testing in accordance with DNV 2.7-3
  • Certificates of Conformity for Lifted Equipment


After early liaisons with INPEX & Maersk Drilling personnel, a comprehensive Basis of Design was agreed and a 3-part “pod” concept developed to aid both functionality & installation limitations.  The individual “pods” were safely lifted into position then connected together to form a single Casing Setback Platform.  No hotwork was required for the installation of the platform and lifting analysis for a vertical lift and side lift provided for lifting options.  Cube further proposed that all timbers be pre-installed & secured which greatly reduced offshore installation risk & effort.

Offshore Lift

Client feedback:

Great work all and thanks to Andrew, Emily and Steve especially for coordinating.  That was a great late in the day call to pre-install the wooden blocks.

Malcolm Reid

INPEX Drilling Superintendent