McDermott Ichthys


McDermott engaged Cube Offshore to provide subsea structural engineering support services to their Ichthys URF project.  Cube personnel were appointed to manage the delivery of the 4 x FLET designs (x 16 total), 1 x ILT design (x 6 total) and a Pipeline Buckle Initiator (x 56 total) which were contracted to IntecSea for detailed design.  In addition to managing this scope, Cube delivered the FEED for 4 additional subsea structures.

Cube Offshore have been extensively involved in the Inpex Ichthys project in the following areas:

  • Technical Assurance for Inpex for the RSS and GEP end termination
  • Rig upgrade and modification services for the Ensco 5006
  • Corporate Technical Assurance – Lessons Learned Co-ordination & Lifting Specifications


Cube Offshore provided principal, lead and senior engineering and drafting resources to McDermott over a 2 year period. The Cube engineers participated in the design development and installation reviews of all FLETs, ILTs, Pipeline Buckle Initiators and the RSS.  A  number of critical multi-discipline design issues were resolved including installation, geotechnical, dropped object and mechanical forging challenges to deliver economical and functional designs. In addition to design governance, Cube delivered the FEED for several additional subsea structures including:

·         Flexible Connector Assemblies (FCAs)

·         Anode Skids

·        42″ Gas Export Spool Adjustable Support Structures

·         Pipeline Lateral Restraints

The scope expended approximately 5000 manhours.


1st end 18″ FLET ready for deployment through the Heerema Aegir moonpool.

12″ FLET c/w pig launcher.

Installation of a Pipeline Buckle Initiator using the dedicated installation / lift frame.

56 x Pipeline Buckle Initiators ready for deployment onto the seabed using the dedicated installation / lift frame.

Riser Support Structure (RSS) under transport to final location in the Ichthys field.