Ngujima-Yin Riser Valve Stack Installation


As part of the Woodside Ngujima-Yin FPSO modification & upgrade for the Greater Enfield project, three highly critical riser valve stacks (2.5m and up to 6t) needed to be transported offshore, lowered into the turret area and installed onto the buoy.  The turret area was highly congested with vertical and side access.


  • Detailed 3D modelling of the entire turret area with installation lift paths clash checked
  • Design, manufacture & testing of a 6.5t WLL lifting davit to be mounted onto the buoy swivel pedestal.
  • Design, manufacture & testing of 3 x dedicated valve stack lifting frames (DNV 2.7-3)
  • Detailed Lift Plans for the installation of all valve stacks & equipment (x 7)


By importing a range of different software model files to create a single model, Cube Offshore produced a highly detailed & accurate digital 3D space of the FPSO turret area.  3D models of the valve stack installation paths were developed to establish the lift plan and generate a detailed 3D clash check.  This significantly reduced risk for the offshore installation operation.

Subsequently, Cube Offshore applied their design, manufacturing and lifting knowledge to deliver fully certified mechanical handling equipment and detailed Lift Plans.  At all stages, Cube actively communicated and integrated with the Woodside team to incorporate existing knowledge and lessons learned.

Client feedback:

Hi Gents,

I was going to send a note back to our contracting office letting them know how good a job Cube has done on the Greater Enfield scopes. ..


Scott Cranston
Completions Lead
Offshore Commissioning & Start-up Team (OCST) 

Greater Enfield Project
Woodside Energy Ltd.