Rotor Cocoon Skids


Woodside’s gas compression trains up in Karratha are key to their continuous delivery of NWS gas to customers.  In order to keep it that way, critical spare rotor shafts must be available and is a preserved condition for whenever needed.  To ensure that this happens, Cube Offshore developed, manufactured & tested a range of 5no. dedicated Rotor Cocoon Skids designed for the following criteria:

  • Rotors secured inside cocoons using adjustable restraints
  • Pressurised containment of Nitrogen gas inside cocoons to preserve rotors
  • Horizontal lifting, upending and vertical lifting (Woodside & DNV 2.7-3 specifications) c/w rotor under pressure
  • Road transport & forklift handling

5no. Rotor Cocoon Skids in vertical storage position:     

Vertical lift of Rotor Cocoon Skid due to careful lift point placement:

Rotors secured inside cocoons for all loading scenarios:   

Progress photo during manufacture:   


Rotor Cocoon Skids – 3D CAD model representation:

Vertical lift analysis extract showing plate stress and member utilisations: