Subsea Adjustable Pipe Support

The Product

Cube Offshore, in collaboration with Specialist Offshore Services, have developed an adjustable subsea pipe support which minimizes many of the common problems associated with subsea installation and maintenance.  The pipe support shown has a shallow mudmat foundation and can be configured to ensure stability for a range of seabed types and applied loads.  The pipe support is raised and lowered hydraulically using modified off-the-shelf components deployed subsea & retrieved to the surface with the ROV thereby only leaving structural steel on the seabed.  This negates the need for costly permanent subsea hydraulic specifications and reduces future maintenance requirements.  A hydraulic control system allows a single ROV to raise and lower the pipe support evenly despite an unevenly applied load.

The key design drivers for this product are to minimize installation (vessel) time and future IMR requirements thereby delivering life-cycle cost reductions and an economical subsea solution.

Design Data

  • Water depth =  ROV operating depth
  • Seabed = any (design shown sized for soft silty sand with bearing capacity of approx. 8-10kpa)
  • Vertical loading = any (design shown sized for 60t vertical / 18t lateral / 5t accidental)
  • Offshore lift configuration = vertical & upended (if required)
  • Single ROV operation
  • Stackable

Subsea Adjustable Pipe Support in seabed deployment configuration

Subsea Adjustable Pipe Support with spool/pipeline installed,  temporary hydraulic equipment deployed and ROV in position ready to actuate pipe support

Subsea Adjustable Pipe Support with support beam positioned under spool/pipeline, hydraulic equipment and ROV retrieved to surface.