Subsea ROV Tether Hooks

The Challenge:

Cooper Energy required 4no. subsea hooks to connect their Gravity Base Tethers to the IRS stack as per below.

The hooks were designed to snugly fit the IRS tether ring (taking account of rolling ovalisation), withstand 25t tension at angles from 22°-35° and be free to slide around the perimeter of the tether ring by ROV.

The Solution:

Cube developed the hook concept to be easily laser cut from plate steel accelerating the schedule and reducing manufacturing cost.  Subsequently a 3D model and detailed analysis was developed for client review.

After manufacture, an extensive Function Test Program was carried out including load testing on a purpose built test jig, handling, manoeuvrability in-situ, weighing and fit-up to the Tether Ring.

After final sign-off & client approvals, all equipment was delivered packaged for road & sea transit.