West Atlas / Montara Salvage Project


Extensive design & analysis engineering scopes in support of the clean-up, salvage, decommissioning and float-away of the West Atlas jack-up drilling rig after major blowout over the PTTEP Montara WHP.

Multiple design, lifting & seafastening scopes to remove debris prior to jacking down of West Atlas and towing away.  Innovative and practical approaches required for the following scopes in particular:

  • Cutting & removal of the West Atlas cantilever beams
  • Support grillage for 110t mobile crane lifted onto the pipe deck
  • 2 no. access towers suspended from the West Atlas rig to provide support to gangway and access to the topsides from the Seatrucks J25 construction vessel.
  • Miscellaneous installation / decommissioning aids, seafastenings, lift analysis, rigging design, damaged steel assessment, etc.


Access Tower being lifted into position.  Pre-Installed landing frame on the West Atlas allowed for rapid set-down and removal of crane.


Gangway landing on J25 landing on Access Tower


110t mobile crane on support grillage over West Atlas pipe deck


Heat damaged internal framing column.