We believe a successful design is dependent on a well-constructed and considered concept: those that can be manufactured, installed and operated with the highest degree of simplicity, whilst fully complying with the client brief and code requirements.

At the commencement of every engagement, our team gather to discuss the specific design-drivers leading and influencing a project. We believe the success of every engagement centres on placing enough time on the initial design concept, and getting it right early.

Questions, such as:

  • What is the function of the design?
  • What is the schedule?
  • Are all necessary safety mechanisms in place?
  • Where will it be built?
  • How will it be transported to site?
  • How will it be removed?

As every engagement is unique, we tailor unique designs to best address the needs of the project, and the demands of our client. With a breadth of experience in installation logistics and operational requirements, we will develop the most efficient and effective design for your project.