E5006 King Post Verification

The Scope

Expro engaged Cube to assess and confirm king post structural supports for heavier 72 foot burner booms (replacing 52 foot booms) on the E5006 for the Ichthys Field Development project.  Cube Offshore carried out a document review, structural analysis, inspection and load test of the kingpost system to verify structural adequacy.

The Outcome

Cube Offshore conducted a structural review of the two king post systems and guy wire supports to confirm adequate strength for the new 72 foot flare booms then supported with test results. Additional underdeck foundation strengthening adjacent to the back stays was required and installed. Final documentation included load testing and inspection certification in accordance with DNV Drilling Plant.

Kingpost load test schematic incorporating specifically designed test beam, rigging and water bag to simulate the correct shear and bending test load as required by DNV Drilling Plant and DNV 2.22 Lifting Appliances.


Kingpost load test in operation.