Maersk NH6 Fletcher Finucane Rig Mods & Engineering Support

The Challenge

Santos carried out the Fletcher / Finucane well development campaign using the Maersk operated NH6 drilling rig whereby a BOP hub extension was required to run completions.  This hub extension had the knock on effect of requiring BOP frame modifications & leg extensions, BOP “Normar” Carrier modifications, new BOP seafastening arrangement and modifications to the BOP “garage” to allow entry and exit with increased height.  In addition to this, development of detailed running schematics for all subsea equipment identified further clashes to be modified ,lift plans and ancillary equipment required.

The Outcome

Cube Offshore generated detailed plans of the BOP garage and moonpool area then superimposed the equipment running schematics to identify and resolve clashes.  The following scope was carried out:

  • Detailed running schematics for the Flowbase, BOP, HXT & Debris Caps
  • Identification of clashes and modificationl work onboard the NH6 (Normar carrier, BOP frame, BOP garage)
  • Lift plans for all equipment
  • Miscellaneous fabricated items in support of the D&C operations such as:
    • Flowbase interface frame
    • Clamps
    • Subsea ROV interface hooks
    • Lift rigging
    • Umbilical reeler modifications

Involvement in Santos Well Ops. HAZIDs and integrated planning to ensure timely completion of all work prior to offshore operations.

Running schematic extract for BOP

BOP on Normar carrier prior to deployment

NH6 moonpool and Normar carrier

Running schematic extract for HXT

Modified BOP interface components with Normar Carrier

Job done..