Apache Support Balnaves Turret Umbilical Protection

 The Scope

The umbilical pigtails on the Balnaves turret are vulnerable to damage from cyclonic wave slam when FPSO detaches from turret. The umbilicals are essential for reconnection of the FPSO to the turret and production restart.
Apache required a robust, simple to install, removable protection barrier. The design process was also challenged by the lack of as-built data, opportunity to survey or trial fit. The turret is not normally accessible and a key performance indicator was assurance of a first time fit.

 The Outcome

Apache required Cube to work closely with Apache and for Cube to lead and develop the design and installation method and high level procedures.
The design features included:
• No welding or cutting.
• Robustness.
• Simplicity of installation.
• Manual installation by chain blocks.
• Lack of reliance on bolted connections – primary loads carried by bearing/compression.
• Flexibility to accommodate “as-found” layout
The UPPS barrier was install in one shift and onshore/office team received no site queries.